Flash Storage >> Micro SD Card + TF Card Reader 4 GB
Micro SD Card + TF Card Reader 4 GB

This is a unique product as it offers you dual advantage. You can use your Micro SD Card as a USB flash drive as well because the memory card comes with a mini USB card reader which is extremely convenient to use. The product has great potential to meet your multiple requirements in one go.

Key features - 

  • Dual advantage - Use it as memory card or flash drive
  • Tough and Highly Durable
  • Shock Resistant, Dust Proof, ESD proof
  • Weather Proof
Capacity 4 GB
Read Speed 15.58 MB/sec
Write Speed 5 MB/sec
Weight(Micro SD Card) < 0.4gm Max  
Weight (USB Card Reader) 3.5 gm  
Data Transfer Rate Up to 12mb/sec
Ideal Working Condition -250 C - 850 C
Storage Temperature -400 C - 850 C
Humidity 8 to 95% non condensing 
Durability Water Proof, Dust Proof, ESD Proof
Vibration 15Gs peak to peak max
Shock 1000G
Number of Insertions 10000 Min
Data Retention 10 Years
Endurance >10000 Cycles (read / write & erase)
Dimensions(Micro SD Card) 11mm x 15mm x 1.0mm
Dimensions(USB Card Reader) 3.5mm x 2.2mm x 1.4mm
Warranty (USB Card Reader)   1 Year limited warranty
Warranty(Micro SD Card) 5 Years limited warranty

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Web Price:    395
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