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Right Angled Portable Aux Cable- 1.5m


Drive through the traffic on busy city roads while listening to your favourite music. The Amkette car stereo aux lets you connect your media devices conveniently to your car's music system. The right angled connector allows convenient insertion in the audio jack and also protects it from accident removal. The soft PVC cable with integrated strain relief protects the wire against damage.

Right angle connector puts less stress on the cable

3.5mm Audio Plugs lets you connect any two devices that have audio jack inputs.

24K Gold Plated Connectors: Provides all weather protection & better sound transmission

Length – 1.5metre for easy accessibility

● Designed to deliver high-fidelity audio

Colors – Pink, Green



90 Degree Right Angled Connector








Right angle design is convenient for putting the audio cable connected with mobile phone into the pocket and can prevent the accidental breakrage to the cable/mobile at the same time

24k Gold Plated Connector








Gold plated high-quality plug can effetively reduce the signal attenuation and can gurantee good sound transmission effect.

PVC Cable Coating









The Premium PVC material cable improves softness, comfort level, aesthetics, and abrasive resistance of the cable.





Conductor Material: Copper

Shielding Type: None
Outer Diameter (OD): 3.8mm
Cable AWG: 28 AWG
Cable Jacket: Soft PVC
Connector Jacket: Alluminium + Plastic
Connector Coating: Soft PVC
Jack Plating: 24k Gold
Cable Length: 1.5m


MRP:             299
Web Price:    299
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