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Mini CD-RW 12x Jewel Case

Amkette Mini CD-RW 4X – 12X are re-writable CDs that come with a protective Durashield coating which ensures complete protection of CDs and your data. The special organic dye of Durashield resists the effect of heat, sunlight and humidity. Built for high performance and long life, Amkette Mini CD-RWs are re-writable upto 1000 times and possess impressive writing speed ranging from 4X upto 12X which makes them upto 2.5 times faster than conventional Mini CD-RW. 

Key feature - 

  • The Amkette Mini CD-RW 4X – 12X can store a wide variety of data such as music, video or text up to a capacity of 190 MB.
  • Each Amkette Mini CD-RW 4X – 12X undergoes rigorous testing to meet the standards, in fact exceeds the ‘Orange Book’ specifications, and can easily withstand Indian climatic conditions.  
  • The Amkette Mini CD-RW 4X – 12X comes in a slim jewel case which saves space and provides excellent protection.
  • The jewel case makes Amkette Mini CD-RW 4X – 12X easy to carry, stack and store.
Protection Durashield Layer
Storage 190 MB
Audio Play Time 80 minutes
Write Speed 4X-12X
Writable 1000 times
Suitability For data/presentations that require frequent updates
Applications Audio, Video and Data files
Supports CD Audio, CD-ROM, CD-ROM-XA, CD 1, Photo CD and other CD formats
Quality Exceeds International ‘Orange Book’ specifications
Quantity 1 Mini CD-RW
Packaging Jewel case
Warranty LifeTime

MRP:             45
Web Price:    45
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