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All-in One Cleaning Kit

All-in-one cleaning kit comes with an anti-static brush, nano fiber dust remover cloth and a cleaning liquid. It is the perfect solution to all your computer and electronic cleaning needs. Special 'point design' makes it easy to clean every nook and corner of your screen. Its specially designed cleaning compatibility shape helps you to clean all the unreachable areas of the screen which has not been possible before. An ideal product to clean Laptop / notebook / desktop computer, LCD screens, CD/DVD, Cell Phone etc.

Key features - 

  • Safe on LCD Screen -  Amkette ultrafine Nano fiber does not damage any surface. Its tough on dirt and gentle on surface
  • Do it Yourself Formula - Amkette has developed the state of art Nano fiber so you don't have to pay for the costly solution. The Formula for the solution is available on the website
  • Ultra Compact - The bottle fits inside the cleaner
  • The Boat Shaped Point Design - To keep the corners clean
  • Low Cost - As bottles refillable, you can fill them again and again as per the solution used. Nano fiber can last for over 100 Shines, thus giving you the most affordable solution in the market



Make your own refillable solution

The magic of a sparkling clean surface comes from the right combination of cleaning materials. The quality of the Nano Fiber Cloth means that in most cases just a little moisture using pure or distilled water is enough. 

In the case of built-up or hard to remove grime, it is easy to make a similar solution as to what we provide: 1 Part - ISO-Propyl Solution and 9 Parts-Distilled Water. 

Please do not use ISO-Propyl Alcohol in excess to what is recommended. Both liquids are easily available at your local chemist.

Happy Cleaning!



Sponge Material Nano Fiber Cloth
Useful for Devices Laptops, LCD TV, Mobile Phones etc.
Solution Used Distilled Water
Additional Features Ultra Compact, Boat Shaped point design
Package Content Anti Static Brush, Cleaning Liquid, Nano Fiber Sponge
Warranty Against manufacturing defect

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Web Price:    499
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