Trubeats Earphone X7
Trubeats 2017
MRP: 499
Web Price: 499
Trubeats Earphone X9
Trubeats 2017
MRP: 799
Web Price: 799
Trubeats Earphone E7 Ergo Fit
MRP: 499
Web Price: 499
Amkette Trubeats Atom X-10 Earphones (In ear with mic, flat cable)
High quality earphones.
MRP: 899
Web Price: 899
Trubeats Atom X-12 Earphones
High quality earphones for high quality music.
MRP: 1199
Web Price: 899
Trubeats Pulse S6 Earphones
Made For Your Workout.
MRP: 695
Web Price: 695
Trubeats Pulse S8 Earphones
Less Wire, More Workout.
MRP: 995
Web Price: 995
Trubeats Atom X6 Dura Music Buds
balanced audio earphones for both Calls and Music
MRP: 460
Web Price: 460